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888Tron Casino Review [UPDATED January 29th 2019]

Since we first reviewed 888Tron, a lot has changed. The site has seen a massive increase in usage, with $1.2 million in volume in the past 7 days, which is quite impressive. In our first review, we rated the site 2.8 out of 5 stars, mostly due to its low volume and high house edge.

Now, with the release of 888Tron‘s latest game, Dice52, volume has picked up as people finally have a way to get 888tokens at a reasonable price. The house edge for Dice52 is 3.5%, which might be a bit high compared to some competitors’ games, but it’s still much more profitable than 888Tron’s first game , Gear of Fortune, which has a house edge of 5%.

Dice52 looks simple and clean. It might not have the impressive graphics Gear of Fortune has, but it’s fun and quick to play.

Unlike other casino’s , 888Tron doesn’t pay daily dividends. The site planned to pay dividends after each round, but after consulting their players they decided to switch to one payout every 48 hours. The first payout will be made on February 7th and the way the dividend pool is looking right now, we think it might be profitable to mine some tokens (in fact, we did.) The dividend pool currently stands at 2.88 million TRX, which will give holders a payout of 20.55 TRX for each token held. This is ofcourse assuming both the dividend pool and number of mined tokens will remain the same, which they won’t as people are still mining. Still, we believe the first payout will be very impressive. Considering the fact you need to bet 700TRX to get one 888Token, a house edge of 3.5% means the average cost per token would be 24.5 TRX.

TRXGameReview Score:

Volume 4/5

Volume has really picked up in the past couple of weeks and 888Tron is now among the most popular websites in this category.

Game Graphics & Entertainment 4/5

Compared to the first game, Dice52 doesn’t look too impressive. Gear of Fortune is still one of the best looking game in our opinion but it has a very high house edge.

Game Profitability 3/5

Quite a high house edge on both of the site’s games, though it is on par with many games offered by competitors.

Rewards 4/5

The high house edge means the dividend pool is really high, but tokens are also difficult to mine. The first dividend payout, which is due to be made in just over a week, should be high enough to return a decent portion of your invested TRX in a single payment.


888Tron has made some massive improvements recently and a such deserves a much higher score. Just 2 weeks ago we reviewed the site and gave it a score of 2.8. Today, they’ve earned a solid 3.8/5. We will be keeping an eye on this one for sure, and will update all of you as soon as any important news is released. For now, please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@TRXDot), leave a comment below, and have a nice day ! 🙂

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