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TronVegas Casino Review [Jan 29th 2019]

Last time we reviewed TronVegas was 3 weeks ago, when we rated it 4.0/5, which is quite an impressive score. You can read this review HERE. Let’s take a look a how the site is doing now and what may happen in the near future.

The first thing to look at is the site’s volume. High volume tends to lead to high dividends, which is nice for people holding Vcoin. Unfortunatly, TronVegas has seen a rapid decline in volume recently. It can be quite hard to get this back up as people are unlikely to attempt to mine coins if they don’t expect to see a decent return on investment.

However, as we all know a lot can chance in a short period of time in this industry, and we feel TronVegas’ volume may very well pick up if they manage to release some new, good looking, high quality games to draw in regular gamblers rather than people just in it for the dividends. The site’s team has already shown they’re very good at making fun, quickly responding games. For example, roulette was recently added and it looks really nice. If TronVegas would add something like poker, sportsbetting or slots, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it become one of the larger sites on the Tron Network.

The new roulette game looks really good and plays really smooth. It should be noted though that with double zero’s, the house edge is quite high. However, roulette is really fun and highly addictive to play.

One positive aspect of the recent drop in volume is the fact it’s still very cheap to mine Vcoin. As of right now, each 671 TRX bet will award players with 1 Vcoin, which will pay dividends forever. Many competitors may have higher dividend pools, but they also have very high mining costs.

TRXGameReview Score:

Volume 3/5

Volume has been quite low recently, though the team has shown an ability to produce beautiful games. On top of that, TronVegas regularly has pretty decent promotions which can help boost volume.

Game Graphics & Entertainment 4/5

We weren’t too impressed by TronVegas‘ first games but Roulette and SkyRocket look absolutly amazing and show us the development team is very skilled.

Game Profitability 5/5

House edge isn’t too high and the site has enough games to match anyones betting style, whether you prefer to play Dice, SkyRocket or Roulette.

Rewards 3/5

Dividends have been low recently, though they may pick up in the future. On the bright side, the reward coins can still be obtained at a very reasonable price. If TronVegas is able to get its volume back up, this may be very profitable.


At 3.8/5 , Tronvegas has lost 0.2 points compared to our latest review. Still, we’re quite optimistic regarding the site’s future as the team has shown an ability to produce fun to play games. On top of that, they really interact with their users throught Telegram and Twitter, which we think is a very important way to create a sense of community and keep people coming back.

What do you think about TronVegas? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@TRXDot) so you never miss a review again !

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