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TronCraft Casino Review

When TronCraft first launched, we bought a few CFT coins in the presale. However, volume turned out to be really low and so were the dividends. In fact, we didn’t even bother reviewing the site as we felt it wouldn’t have too much of a future.

Now, volume for TronCraft finally appears to be picking up. The release of their latest game ‘Fomo’ has brought in quite a lot of new players, who have also been playing their other games, Dice and Racing.

Fomo just started today and the Jackpot is already at 11625 TRX.

Fomo is quite a complicated game. You can buy keys, which will give you a part of each consecutive key sold. This means whenever someone buys a key after you do, you get a small percentage of their buying price. The price for a key increases by 1.5% for each key sold. If no keys are sold within 12 hours, the game ends and whoever bought the last key gets the jackpot.

As key prices increase, so will the amount of TRX you receive for each key sold. This means, the earlier you get in and the longer the game lasts, the more profits you can earn. We were able to buy to keys at just over 500TRX each today, and will update you on whether or not this was a profitable decision.

TronCraft’s Racing game is a nice twist on the traditional Roulette games.

Looking at TronCraft ‘s other games we can see they have Dice, which is basically standard for every TRX casino, and Racing, which is quite fun. You choose one or more car brands and if you win, you get the corrosponding price.

Placing bets on TronCraft will earn you CFT coins at a rate of 1.2 for each 1TRX bet. This means the coins is very easy to mine but the supply is also growing rapidly. However, as volume hasn’t been too high, it’s still possible to get CFT at a pretty low rate. If volume continues to grow, this may be very profitable.

TRXGameReview Score:

Volume 3/5

Volume has been really low in recent weeks but appears to be picking up thanks to the release of TronCraft’s most recent game.

Game Graphics & Entertainment 4/5

The games look decent and run smoothly but aren’t anything special in terms of graphics. However, they’re really fun to play so we’ve rated them 4/5.

Game Profitability 3/5

This one is really hard to determine, as we do not yet now if Fomo will be profitable. The other games have reasonably standard house edges so no worries there.

Rewards 2/5

Dividends have been terribly low recently but may be picking up as volume is rising. We will be keeping an eye on TronCraft and will update this review if anything changes.


With a total score of only 3 out of 5 , TronCraft has gotten a pretty low score compared to some of its competitors. However, if the site manages to get new players, which it has been doing since the release of its latest game, we may need to increase the TRXGameReview score in the near future. As allways, we’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @TRXDot so you never have to miss any news on Tron Games!

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