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TronVegas Casino Review

TronVegas was launched recently and has since grown at a very high pace. In fact, it’s the second largest app in terms of betting volume with $20 million in bets over the past seven days. The largest app on the Tron Network is Tronbet, which I’ve also recently reviewed. To read that review, click here.

More games will be coming to TronVegas soon

Despite only being around for a week or two, Tronvegas has already released three games. Having said that, the games, while entertaining and smooth, don’t look very impressive in terms of graphics. On the bright side, the TronVegas team is constantly developing new games so I have good hopes for its future.

Betting on TronVegas will give you free VCOIN, which allows you to claim part of the daily dividend pool. The dividend pool has been quite low recently, which means rewards for holding VCOIN aren’t that high. However, the site is very young and may grow to grab a decent share of the market if the development team can keep producing new games. On top of that, mining VCOIN is still quite easy, as you only need to bet 672 trx to get 1 VCOIN. For comparison, right now you need to make bets totalling 1800 TRX to get a singe ANTE at TronVegas’ biggest competitor, TronBet.

TRXGameReview Score:

Volume 4/5

TronVegas is among the largest game platforms on the Tron Network. Having said that, TronBet, it’s main competitor, has far greater volume, so TronVegas doesn’t get the maximum score here.

Game Graphics & Entertainment 3/5

TronVegas offers games that are fun to play but not too impressive in terms of graphics. However, the site is still very young and developers are currently working on new games so it will be interesting to see what the future brings.

Game Profitability 5/5

I’ve played quite a few bets on TronVegas and haven’t lost too much , though I did gain over 3000 VCOIN 🙂 . The house edge on dice is similair to that of its biggest competitor’s.

Rewards 4/5

As TronVegas only started recently, the difficulty (which will go up as more VCOINS get mined) is still very low. This means its very easy to gather VCOINS right now. On the downside, while dividends have been around 150-250 TRX for 1000 VCOIN in recent weeks, the volume appears to have dropped quite a bit. I would recommend checking the amount of TRX paid per VCOIN before deciding whether or not too invest here.


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